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Optimal Dental Care

White Dental Fillings & Dental Crowns in Iowa City

Providing Skilled Dental Help to Enhance Your Smile

White fillings, also known as composite fillings, are tooth-colored in order to provide a more seamless appearance in your smile. Similarly, crowns are generally used to restore the appearance of your smile, covering teeth that are misshapen, smaller, discolored, or broken to improve their overall appearance. Additionally, crowns can strengthen and protect teeth.

Protect Your Teeth with Fillings & Dental Crowns in Iowa City

While a composite filling may not be the strongest material, they work well for areas that do not face the full strength of your bite. They can fill cavities without the unsightly metal appearance of traditional fillings and blend with your natural tooth while protecting the tooth from the spread of decay and cavities.

Crowns are used to correct a variety of issues. They can be used to cover an implant to give you mouth a more seamless smile. Crowns also protect and strengthen the existing tooth in a way that also greatly improves its function and appearance. Zirconia crowns all white and a single layer. They have the best appearance and a decrease risk of chipping or breaking.

Caring Dental Work in a Comfortable Setting

Though many patients fear dental procedures like fillings and getting fitted for crowns, our Iowa City dentist is careful, and considerate. In fact, we often hear patients say that the procedure wasn’t as painful as they thought it would be, or that they experienced very little discomfort. In either case, the stronger, brighter smile that results is well worth it and our patients know they can trust in our team at Eastman Dental Care to provide them with the dental services they need.

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The Eastman Dental Care Difference

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